The history of our region begins in 1923, when the first residents were installed after the destruction of Asia Minor, coming as refugees from the Asia Minor and the Thrace, regions today belonging in Turkey.

37.387 refugees created 75 settlements in the region of Thessaloniki.

1.754 of these refugees, coming from the coast of Asia Minor and Eastern Thrace, resorted to the south-east coast of Thermaikos gulf and they created three settlements called: Agia Triada, Neoi Epivates and Peraia.

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Our municipality, first operated in 1999, was created with the union of three communities under the program of Local Self-government “I. Kapodistrias”. The communities: Peraia, N.Epivates and Agia Triada, today constitute its municipal apartments.

The region of the municipality is coastal and it is located at the east of the prefecture of Thessaloniki, in the central part of Thermaikos gulf. It abstains 20 km from the city of Thessaloniki and it covers an area of 21.000 sq. meters, out of which 5.000 sq. meters belong to the town planning.

The seashore of the municipality has 7.4 km length and constitutes the more naturally beautiful place in the region.

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Tourism, amusement and relaxation are the basic economic activities of our municipality. Despite the fact that in recent years the settlements of Peraia, N.Epivates and Agia Triada are changed into regions of first residence and are not any more the regions of seasonal residence, the region of Thermaikos continues attracting a significant number of visitors during the summertime.

In the coastal area of the municipality, there are located a lot of taverns, bars and cafeterias, while, the evening walk in the beach of Thermaikos, having the view of the enlightened Thessaloniki, offers always a big pleasure for the thousands of visitors.

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